Conflict Minerals Compliance Conference: You Man Enough to Commit?

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Ok, we’d hoped that would catch your attention.

Before you accuse us of being male chauvinists (we are no such thing!), it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman – if you’re working for companies that source different metal products, all that matters is that you know how best to comply with the conflict minerals rule, inside and out.

Conflict Minerals conferenceSo with just ONE WEEK LEFT to register for our unprecedented one-day conference on the topic, here are a few questions you may have that we can answer:

Q:  Won’t this SEC Conflict Minerals Rule be overturned anyway? I thought the National Association for Manufacturers brought a winnable lawsuit against the SEC…

A: Don’t count on it, bub. While NAM has challenged the rule, chances are not good that the rule will be overturned. MetalMiner recommends that companies continue on the path of planning and developing implementation solutions, as many of the experts we have spoken to do not feel the legal case will actually change the reporting obligation on behalf of publicly traded companies.

Q: All right, my company doesn’t really have a Conflict Minerals compliance process yet…where the heck do I start?

A: Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, do you have accurate records covering whom to contact (not only name and location, but also personal email and direct phone number information) for every supplier you have used over the past 18 months? Gathering that info may be a good place to start. Alternatively, if you only source a handful of parts, and you know they contain at least traces of tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold, you can undertake a part-centric approach.

Q: How can my company efficiently track this process and streamline my whole supply chain?

A: Thomas Kase, the lead analyst for our sister site Spend Matters, is all over it. One word: technology. More words – here’s what you have to look at, according to Thomas:

  • 3rd Party Enrichment – parent-child linkages, insights & validations
  • Contracts – what you have committed to on the sell-side
  • Customers – what you are about to commit to on the sell-side
  • Inform, Train, Document – across all areas, internal and external
  • Products – and components, sub-components and ingredients to gradually audit your way to the source (certify your entire supply chain, not just your suppliers)
  • Sourcing – early and full visibility to the sourcing process and team to enable early upstream correction
  • Suppliers (i.e, your vendors) – their locations, parents, and subsidiaries, which individuals to engage with at each level, etc.

At Conflict Minerals EDGE, Thomas will present how various players in the technology solutions sphere, “from ERPs to point solutions and modules from suite providers, can get the job done.” The MetalMiner and Spend Matters team will also address what you should consider doing at the same time as you roll out a Conflict Minerals compliance initiative.

Q: Can I still register??!?!?!

A: You bet. Click here.

Q: But what if I can’t make it to Chicago on May 6?

A: MetalMiner has the most comprehensive conflict minerals resource section for manufacturers. Look for the “Conflict Minerals” tab on the top right side of our site!

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