Metal Price Index Trend Report for November 2013 Released

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historical 1-year metal price index trends chart november 2013

How have industrial metal indexes stacked up over the past month? What does it mean for price forecasts?

MetalMiner’s 10 metal price indexes – with their powers combined, comprising the Monthly MMI® – are showing some interesting – and in some cases, unprecedented – trends in November’s reading.

But in our monthly analysis, certain suspicions are reaffirmed while other cautionary tales raise their heads again. Fill out the form below to download!

What is MetalMiner’s Monthly MMI®?

Here’s just a selection of the gems you can expect to read in our FREE report this month:

  • “The Aluminum MMI® now has the distinction of maintaining the longest-running price trend (up) of all 10 indexes – four months!”
  • “In many respects, copper is Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”! On the one hand, the metal reacts to the whims of the market. And on the other hand, copper prices react to actual supply and demand.”
  • “We heard many people calling for rising steel prices in this last quarter but the raw material market does not reflect that. US steel price indices have moved up slightly in the past three weeks, but it appears to be more of a dead cat bounce.”

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