Samsung Seeking Rare Earth Alternative; Cerium Oxide Holds Pat

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The Samsung Group has announced it’s list of future technology research items — and one of those items is a rare earth alternative.

“The group announced on November 14 that it selected a total of 27 items for the purpose through an impartial judging process led by its review committee staffed with renowned scholars from both at home and abroad. Specifically, these are divided into 12 in the basic science fields including ice chemistry, seven in material technologies including optical materials not containing rare-earth metals, and eight in the information and communications sector including next-generation computing cells imitating cranial nerves,” according to BusinessKorea.

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“The announcement is a follow-up measure of its Future Technology Development Program, which was approved back in August. The company is planning to invest 1.5 trillion won (US$1.41 billion) in the three sectors for 10 years to come. ”

“In the basic science category, novel and innovative items such as ice chemistry and homology-based studies have been selected, while the development of photonic materials capable of improving luminous efficiency without using rare-earth metals is scheduled to be in progress in the materials segment. Also, in the ICT category, anti-stimulant nerve imitation elements and neuromorphic processors using them will be researched down the road. The company will receive applications for the second phase of the program until December 20, before a document examination in January next year.”

This week saw little change in prices for the Rare Earths MMI®. cerium oxide kept steady. Dysprosium oxide traded sideways last week. The week finished with no movement for europium oxide.

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Following a steady week, prices for lanthanum oxide closed flat. Prices for neodymium remained constant. Neodymium remained essentially flat from the previous week. Neodymium oxide prices held steady from the previous week.

The price of praseodymium oxide did not change since the previous week. Rare earth carbonate remained essentially flat from the previous week. Samarium oxide traded sideways last week. The price of terbium metal did not change since the previous week.

Terbium oxide remained unchanged for the week. The week finished with no movement for yttria. Prices for yttrium remained constant.

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