MetalMiner Attempts to Make Its Forecasts As Inaccessible As Others on Market

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We’ve noticed a growing trend in many of the metal price forecasts currently on the market: they are either outdated in their approach with poor reliability, or are lengthy and leave the reader even more befuddled about when to purchase than when they started. Despite this, these forecasts are still very popular (because they are well-known…old?).

So we figured, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! And what better way to do that than to start sharing our forecasts in a comparable format? You like old? We’ve got old! Lo, we’ve translated our methodology and trade secrets into Old English for you.

Old English, a precursor to the Modern English language, was spoken between the 5th and 12th century. It is now a dead language only spoken by historians, professors and other members of the intelligentsia (or weird nerds that happen to work at MetalMiner). Thus, this format is undoubtedly just as relevant and simplistic as the other reports you’ve tried reading and translating:

Lo! Gōde foæÞeling! Mīnra lēofostra frēonda!
Lo! Good nobleman! My dearest friends!

Miċelu forecast weorc ofer eorÞan. Þæt ēower fela ġe-seah—helle witu.
Many forecast works over the earth. Many of you saw that (them)—hell’s torments.

Swā moniġe bēoÞ men ofer eorÞan, swā bēoÞ mōd-ġeÞoncas.
[There] are as many men over the earth, as [there] are thoughts.

MetalMiner ġe-hyrde hēah-gnornunge Þæra, beseah for forecast sceal
MetalMiner heard the deep groaning, searched for (looked about for) forecast warrior

“Hæle forecast sceal wīs-fæst ond wundor-liċ, glēaw in ġe-hygdum,” Lisa, waldend Þone gōde, sæd
“A forecast warrior must [be] wise and strange (marvelous), keen in thought,” ” Lisa, the good ruler, said.

Þonne Đā oÞre æt-ēowdon hwī hīe đær bēon ne mihton (MetalMiner), Þāra ān hēt Raul. Hē wæs a cūđ and mære forecast sceal.
While the others showed why they could not be there (MetalMiner), one of them was called Raul. He was a widely known and famous forecast warrior.

Hī ġe-lyfdon Þæt Raul mihte miċċlum him fultumian on Þām ġe-feohte, for Þām Þe he ġe-feohte lufode.
They believed that Raul was able to help them greatly in battle, for he fought willingly.

“Sē leornađ Þā gōde lāre,” Lisa, waldend Þone gōde, sæd.
“He learns the good teaching,” Lisa, the good ruler, said.

Nū is sē dæġ cumen, cum nū mid us
Now the day has come, come now with us

Saed Þu, “Þu mē hæfst ā-frēfredne. Wē lufiaÞ Þā
MetalMiner forecast”
Say you, “You have comforted me. We love the MetalMiner forecast.”

Wé saed, “Brūc, Þenden Þū mote, Þú bodian maniġra mēda!”
We say, “Enjoy, as long as you want, report much reward!”

Should you be interested in seeing one of the simple, reliable forecasts that we originally created, take a look at “Forecasting” in our main menu above! We currently have standardized forecasts for: aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin and steel (including HRC, CRC, plate and HDG).

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