BREAKING: US ITC Delivers Shocking Decision Against Domestic GOES Producers AK Steel, Allegheny Technologies

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In a stunning and completely unexpected decision today, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) voted 5-1 that two US producers of grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES), AK Steel and Allegheny Technologies, which had filed an anti-dumping case last fall, had not been “materially injured” by foreign imports of GOES produced by Japan, Germany and Poland.

This means materials from those countries can continue coming to the US at prevailing duty rates, prior to the imposition of preliminary dumping duties.

All industry pundits, including us here at MetalMiner, believed the final determination would go in favor of the US producers. Moreover, many global transformer and electrical equipment companies believed the same and have already deployed their “Plans B” – to move core production to neighbors Canada and Mexico in an effort to continue accessing both globally competitively priced materials as well as more technically advanced materials with lower core loss.

Ironically, the same commission voted to increase anti-dumping duties on these same three countries as recently as July 30, as MetalMiner previously reported.


Insiders tell MetalMiner that several transformer and electrical equipment companies are “shocked” by the decision, but have already moved well down the path of shifting production to neighboring countries and won’t switch back to the US.

AK Steel and Allegheny Ludlum did not respond to MetalMiner calls at press time.

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