Complying with SEC Conflict Minerals Rule in 2015: See the Big Picture

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Successful conflict minerals compliance requires a multi-faceted approach that integrates all aspects of a compliance program, from product applicability to supplier education to data validation and reporting.

Now that Year One is behind us and we move into Year Two of compliance, many advisory firms – including MetalMiner’s partners – are urging metal buying organizations to prepare as early as possible to get the most effective results from their suppliers and smelters. For example, last year Source Intelligence found that “supplier engagement—where initial data is collected—can take up to six months,” according to that company’s blog.


“Customers should be taking this timeline into consideration as they plan their 2014 programs and think about the big picture of compliance which includes more than just data collection and reporting. Data verification, due diligence, supply chain complexity, auditing—these are all components that need to be accounted for.”

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