GAO: Federal Gov’t Should Track Spending on Smaller Construction Projects

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Most of the $41 billion in annual federal highway spending is not being adequately tracked by the Federal Highway Administration, a new report from the Government Accountability Office found.

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Lax reporting standards by the FHWA make it difficult to track the start-to-finish costs for most projects financed by federal highway dollars, the GAO said in a report released Thursday. All but about $2 billion of the money is passed on to states to build roads and bridges, the Washington Examiner reported.

FHWA does track total aggregated costs for individual projects that will cost $500 million or more. Data also are reported on individual segments of smaller projects — for instance, how much was spent on planning, engineering, land acquisition and construction of particular segment of road. But there is no detailed reporting requirement for cumulative spending on construction projects that cost less than $500 million, which account for about 88 percent of the money that is spent, GAO found.

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