Dump Watch: ITC Says Turkish Steel Rebar is Being Dumped Just Like Mexico’s

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The US International Trade Commission on Tuesday determined that the domestic steel industry is materially injured by imports of steel concrete reinforcing bar from Mexico that are sold in the US at less than fair value and from Turkey that are subsidized by the government of Turkey.


All ITC commissioners voted in the affirmative in the 6-0 ruling. This affirms an earlier ruling about Mexican rebar by the US Commerce Department and a reversal of an earlier decision to not impose substantial duties on imports of Turkish rebar. The anti-dumping percentages, the amount the commissioners decided Turkey’s government is subsidizing its rebar industry was not released. The commissioners’ final report will be made public on November 13.

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The petitioners in the case are The Rebar Trade Action Coalition and its individual members; Nucor Corp., Gerdau Ameristeel U.S. Inc., Commercial Metals Company; Cascade Steel Rolling Mills and Byer Steel Corporation.

We at MetalMiner will report the final margins in November as we remain, vigilantly, Always On Dump Watch.

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