China’s Latest Knockoff: Land Wind or Land Rover? Take Your Pick

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You would have thought they would have been a little more subtle, wouldn’t you? It says a lot about Chinese attitudes towards intellectual property that they are happy to be as flagrant as this about blatantly copying an iconic Western brand.


You even copied the font? Source: Financial Times

The Land Wind X7 on the left is a joint venture between Chinese carmakers Chang’an Automobile and Jiangling Motors, and will retail for less than half the price of Jaguar Land Rover’s Evoque now being manufactured at JLR’s new factory in the Chinese city of Changshu.

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Needless to say Land Rover are hopping mad about it and are conferring with “JLR’s Chinese joint venture partner Chery to find a way around this situation” according to an article in the Financial Times. This is obviously not the first time such freeloading has been tried in China but the expectation was that things were improving and Beijing was making an effort to bring standards in China up to the rest of the world. The article mentions earlier lookalikes such as Geely’s GE limousine, which features a Rolls-Royce-style figurine atop the grille, and Shuanghuan’s CEO, which bears close similarity to the BMW X5, but in this case the Chinese automakers have even copied the name.

However, looks can be deceiving: although 90%+ of owners never venture off-road, should you do so in the real thing, it will bring you safely back to civilization. China’s copycat, however, is less likely to ever make it back to civilization – so buyers beware.

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