The Elephant in the Room: China, Metal Prices and the 2015 Steel Summit

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SMU Steel Summit 2015Which direction are metal prices headed? What does China have to do with it? Join a who’s who of manufacturing companies, steel producers, toll processors, end-users and service centers for two days of commodity issues and price forecasts at Steel Market Update’s Steel Summit Conference 2015 in Atlanta, GA, Sept. 1 and 2.

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Our own Lisa Reisman (CEO, Azul Partners and executive editor, MetalMiner™) will be talking metal prices. She will be joined by iron ore expert Serafino Capoferri, London Commodity Consultant, CRU; scrap expert Peter Meyers, executive vice president, Metalico; and world pricing expert Gaurav Chhibbar, raw material manager, Cargill Metals; among others.

“[We have] A perfect storm of weakening demand and surging supply [that] has sent benchmark ore prices tumbling, shacking miners’ business models across the globe. After a decade of super cycle, does 2015 mark the beginning of a “buyers’ market” in steel raw materials?” Capoferri said.

The metals industry will be extensively covered at this exciting two-day event. Click here for more information and to register.

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