Chinalco Copper Miners Go on Strike in Peru

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Low copper prices have led to a strike at one of Peru’s biggest mines and a popular oil trader has closed his twitter account.

Chinalco Copper Strike

Workers at Chinalco Mining Corp. International‘s Toromocho mine in Peru started a four-day strike on Tuesday to demand the reinstatement of a quarterly bonus, the workers’ union said.

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The strike by about 800 workers started at 6:30 local time (11:30 GMT) and followed the suspension of the bonus amid slumping copper prices, said Carlos Roman, an attorney for the union.

Popular Oil Trader Signs Off Twitter

Oil traders keep a low profile. So when one of the most widely followed oil traders on Twitter abruptly closed his account last week, the outpouring of dismay among his thousands of followers was rare for the secretive multi-trillion dollar industry.

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Eric Rosenfeldt, who goes by the Twitter handle of Oil Merchant or @energyrosen, had attracted more than 8,000 Twitter followers for his quirky and candid opinions on the crude oil market.

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