3 Best Practices for Buying Commodities in 2015

buying-commoditiesLisa Reisman, Executive Editor of MetalMiner, and Jason Busch, Executive Editor of Spend Matters, put together a must-have PDF toolkit for how purchasing organizations should approach buying commodities in today’s markets, covering:

  • Why sourcing on the spot market is actually speculative behavior and therefore risky
  • Why using indexes when sourcing commodities is often just plain bad strategy
  • Whether or not sourcing optimization actually creates benefits – it seems like a software led “problem” to create demand for technology

What Else Is In It For You?

  • An interesting argument against conventional wisdom – turn some unconventional practices into profit
  • An alternative viewpoint on your direct material commodity spend
  • How to wring out every possible bit of value from some well-accepted “best practices”

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