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MetalMiner Annual Metals Outlook

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MM Annual 2021

This U.S.-centric annual buying guide consolidates our 12-month view and provides buying organizations with a complete understanding of the fundamental factors driving prices and a detailed forecast that can be used when sourcing metals for 2022 — including expected average prices, support and resistance levels.

Metal buying organizations use the metal price forecasting annual outlook to:

  • Identify steel price, stainless steel price and aluminum price trends
  • Set their “average purchase prices” for the following year
  • Better time long term contracting price locks
  • Better communicate high level category and commodity strategies to executive teams

The MetalMiner Annual Metals Outlook report, with quarterly updates, is only available to corporate subscribers. The Annual Metals Outlook report contains:

  • Executive Summary by the MetalMiner Research Team
  • Commodities Market Analysis
  • Industrial Metals Market Review
  • Key Price Drivers Assessment
  • Outlooks and buying strategy for aluminum, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, tin, HRC, CRC, HDG and steel plate

Use this valuable report to help inform your 2022 metal purchasing strategies.

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