Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you decide to move to a membership model?
For more than two years, MetalMiner has withheld content (articles or stories) from the site that contain specific metal price points. We wanted to create a vehicle for publishing this value-added content to our audience. MetalMiner currently publishes anywhere between 9-12 articles per day. Three of these articles contain more detailed market analysis and commentary. A portion of those stories will now be made available in their entirety only behind the Membership site. In addition, we have recently launched full monthly forecasting capability and instead of creating individual product offerings, we opted to simplify our free and premium offerings.

MetalMiner members will have access to richer stories containing more detailed metal price information not currently available on the site. Some of the deeper analytical articles delving into specific sourcing strategies by metal category will move behind the membership site. MetalMiner members will also gain access to the MetalMiner IndX(SM) a comprehensive database of 750+ global metal price points, updated on a daily basis to help drive better day to day decision-making. Finally, only members will have the opportunity to access metal price forecasts for hedging and other strategic purchases.

What’s the difference between a Spot and Full membership?
Both types of memberships provide full access to all articles. The Spot membership provides full access to all metal price points within the MetalMiner IndX(SM) but only provides 90 days worth of price history whereas the Full membership provides history going back to November 1, 2011. Moreover only Full membership provides access to monthly forecasting services. The Spot membership is available for $29.99/month and the Full membership is available for $99/mo.

What does a Corporate membership contain?
A corporate membership, in addition to full access to the MetalMiner IndX(SM) pricing database, may provide access to all MetalMiner forecasts including: aluminum, tin, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, HRC, CRC, HDG and steel plate. In addition, Corporate members have access to data via an API (Application Programming Interface) or widget which allows for full integration with company portals, databases, intranets etc. Corporate members can also access a full Price Warning System (automatic notifications when markets move outside levels identified in the monthly forecast) and full advisory (phone access to MetalMiner staff for specific purchases)

Can I just buy forecasting?
Forecasting is available as a monthly subscription or via Corporate membership. Please see Metal Price Forecasting for more information.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you choose to subscribe to a membership on an ongoing basis, this membership will renew automatically for successive periods of time equal to the duration of your initial subscription or for such renewal period as You may otherwise provide on the Website pages in which you subscribe to the Services, unless Customer or MetalMiner provides notice of termination before the end of the then-applicable subscription term. Either party may terminate the Agreement for breach upon thirty (30) days prior written or e-mailed notice.[/dt-toggle]

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If a price wasn’t updated recently, what should I assume about the current price?
You can assume that the price in the system is the most recent price available in the local market. On occasion, available prices are not updated due to local or national holidays. Also, certain minor metals are only published weekly or monthly.

Will there be more metals or sources added?
Can I request particular metals/sources, or certain additions and features? We will continue to seek new metals, as well as more types, grades and forms of metals to expand our offerings. Additional sources are most definitely part of the product road map. We would welcome suggestions for additional metals, although we can’t guarantee their inclusion.

If prices are all in local currencies, how will I be able to compare them? MetalMiner IndXSM is updated daily with the latest official central bank exchange rates, allowing price points and reports to be run in the local currency or any other major currency of your choice, including US dollars.

How do I access the MetalMiner IndXSM?
Do I need a username and password? Can I share this password?”
You need to click on the “Login” link at the top of this page, and from there you click to the MetalMiner IndXSM application home page to enter your user name and password. (Your username and password are automatically generated after your payment has been processed.)

When will you have a mobile version available of MetalMiner IndX(SM)?
We will likely have a mobile version of the application released in 2015.

How do the email metal price notifications work for the different membership levels?
The alerts (price fluctuations) can be accessed and set through the MetalMiner IndX(SM) application. After you login, you can click on “Get Metal Prices” will take you to the MetalMiner Indx application, and the ‘Edit/View Alerts’ button will allow you to set up your notifications.

Can I access the MetalMiner IndXSM from any location?
The site operates through any browser and will be mobile-accessible by Q2, 2014.

Will it work on any computer?
“Have browser, will travel!” The tool will work on any Internet browser.[/dt-toggle]

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How can I use this data to negotiate with my suppliers?
If your suppliers ask for a price increase due to raw material costs, you can monitor those price movements on MetalMiner IndXSM to see if they are justified. Likewise, by monitoring price movements in the other direction, you can request price decreases from your suppliers. Find out about all the use cases for a metal price index data by clicking here/downloading this free white paper.

Can I compare past prices for a long-term outlook? Is there an archive feature?
Archives, charting and historical charting are available in this release for every metal we have tracked since launching the first MetalMiner IndXSM in 2009. However, for all new price points, the historical information may be limited, since we’re working to build enough history to make that capability meaningful.

There are drastic price differences between the same products in different countries. Why is this?
There are several reasons why the price of a metal in one country could be totally different from the price of that same item in another country. These factors could include country-specific export taxes, VAT rebate rates and tariffs. Also, prices are posted in different countries for different gauges, which also results in varying prices. Some countries are net importers of various metals, and others are exporters. A much higher price in one market over another may suggest that the first country is importing product. This should highlight further opportunities for the purchasing manager. In addition, foreign exchange rates move over time, and this can cause local prices to rise or fall relative to other parts of the world if all prices are converted back into US dollars, for example. This is known as arbitrage and can present an opportunity for buyers.

Some of the metals that I source are getting too expensive. I would like to see how substitutes stack up against my current product. Is this information available?
Absolutely. As long as you know what material you are looking for, just look it up. With more than 600 price points, there is a better chance than ever to find potential substitutes across countries. If there are specific metals/country sources that you would like to see, please drop us a line!

I see the price from one country is cheaper than the prices where I currently source. How do I get started in sourcing from the different country? How do I know who to contact, or whether it’s even worthwhile?
MetalMiner IndXSM in its current form only shows the pricing, not the names of various producers. If you are interested in working with an experienced global sourcing team, please feel free to contact us at 1-773-525-9750 or by email. MetalMiner specializes in global metals sourcing.[/dt-toggle]