MetalMiner Introduces MetalSaver

MetalSaver is a creation of Aptium Global Inc. Designed for manufacturers of engineered components and assemblies that have significant metal content or outsource metal treatment services, MetalSaver is more than an assessment: It’s cost-savings intelligence that helps folks identify ways to save money on metals purchases based on the strategies Aptium Global Inc. has used to help companies save money on raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products. With increasing cost pressures, an uncertain economy, and commodity volatility, organizations of all sizes are searching for ways to reduce material costs and risk. Take control of your metals spend and test your sourcing practices! While results may be used for Aptium Global Inc.’s personal lead generation efforts, your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed and no third-parties will be able to access your information. MetalMiner and Aptium Global Inc. reserve the right to anonymously aggregate information without sharing names of participating companies. You must register to take this quiz and you may take it multiple times. If you’ve already registered for this quiz and want to take it again then enter your details below to proceed:

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