Monthly Report: Metal Price Index Trends – March 2014


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Industrial metal buyers and manufacturers don’t just want to know where steel and base metal prices have been, they want to know where they’re going. And that’s why MetalMiner has created the Monthly MMI® Report – to show you how past trends shape future outlooks, and to give you the tools to create your own forecasting strategies.

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Monthly MMI® Report – Main Features:

  • 10 original metal price indexes originally published on March 1, tracing a line through steel, stainless, base metals (aluminum, copper), and rare earths, to automotive, renewables and construction sectors
  • Exclusive commentary and analysis from MetalMiner’s Lisa Reisman, Stuart Burns, Raul de Frutos, Taras Berezowsky and Jeff Yoders
  • Full, high-quality historical price charts of MMI® trends
  • Advance data available through a subscription to the MetalMiner IndX℠

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