NEW WEBINAR- Q2 Aluminum and Stainless Steel Market Update

MetalMiner, in conjunction with sponsor TW Metals is pleased to announce its very first aluminum and stainless steel market update webinar. Here are the details:

When: Thursday, March 18, 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST

Who: Given by Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns, Co-Editors, MetalMiner(TM) as well as guest host Tony Amabile of TW Metals

What: Approx 20 mins for each metal – aluminum and stainless –   followed by a general market outlook and Q&A

Where: Right here at MetalMiner(TM) (click below to register for full details)

The details: The webinar will provide listeners with a market update and outlook for both metals as well as demand trends by key end use segment. MetalMiner will endeavor to include an analysis of global supply markets. Participants should come away with:

  • a clear understanding of the drivers of current prices
  • the role and impact of China on both metals
  • cross-industry insight into where demand is coming from
  • tips, ideas and strategies for mitigating costs and reducing risk

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This event is sponsored by TW Metals.