Scrap Tightness Set to Ease

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Green, Non-ferrous Metals

The market is slowly improving for copper consumers as Comex/LME prices have drifted lower over the last two months and scrap prices decline. Whether prices will get back to the levels seen last December of $6500/ton remains to be seen, but falling scrap demand in China has helped the availability of raw material supply to domestic US mills. Opinions vary as to why demand has dropped off —  many believe it is due to industries closing down ahead of the Olympics, others point to the tightening credit situation in China and the rising cost of sorting scrap, making scrap imports less attractive. Either way, the drop in Chinese demand on top of the normal North American seasonal lull has proved welcome for consumers. (more…)

There are several ways that Americans observe Memorial Day weekend. I decided to head outside and grill a few brats, pour myself an iced tea with extra sugar, and bike through some beautiful landscape in Wisconsin. And then it happened, the end of what had been a perfect weekend: I had an unfortunate mountain bike accident. Did I fall off a small cliff? Did I hit a tree? Did I lose my balance riding over a picturesque stream? No. I fell off my bike in a parking lot. My ankle twisted as I tried to dismount, and I lost my balance and fell on my left side. In the process, I fractured my elbow and received several cuts, bruises, and a nasty gash in my knee.

This was my first time to end a three-day weekend in the emergency room, but the journey didn’t end there. The day after being told the fracture could heal with immobilization, a radiologist and orthopaedic surgeon examined my X-rays and informed me that the chipped and displaced elbow would need surgery. Last Friday, I kept the holiday spirit alive when titanium screws were placed in my left elbow at Beaver Dam Community Hospital. My first broken bone and my first surgery, all within the same week! It was also my first time to learn a little bit about the metal components used in medical devices. (more…)

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