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Service Centers/Distributors MetalMiner offers unique programs to assist your lead generation efforts. As the second largest metals trade publication in the US based on 3rd party ranking sites, metal service centers have a unique opportunity to reach a target-rich audience. Our audience includes a range of operations staff including: commodity managers, sourcing managers, project sourcing managers, category managers, category analysts, vice presidents of supply chain, vice president of operations, vice president of global sourcing, presidents, global sourcing managers, and the full C-suite (CEO’s, CFO’s, CPO’s).

These individuals hail from some of the world’s largest manufacturing firms but they also come from firms your company might not currently know or be doing business with.

But before we tell you about our services, we’d like to tell you about the 5 pitfalls metals service centers make when it comes to reaching potential customers:

  1. First, we see a commonly held belief that banner ads are sufficient to generate new leads and identify potential clients. But we’d argue that rarely, if ever, do banner ads result in new business for the producer/supplier – especially profitable business.
  2. Second, we’ve observed that a tremendous amount of internal research and knowledge sits un-leveraged behind closed doors in the sales process – many producers and suppliers sit on a wealth of data desperately sought by buying organizations. But producers/suppliers often feel this information is “too sensitive” to share and so the opportunity for a meaningful dialog goes unrealized.
  3. Third, supplier directories/online catalogs/marketplaces are most certainly potential places where customers can reach out “for a quote”. But these types of opportunities force the producer/supplier to compete on nothing but price. For some, these opportunities are good for “fly catching”. But in terms of developing long term business (e.g. contract relationships) they leave a bit to be desired, even in the best of cases.
  4. Fourth, let’s examine Google advertisements. Without question, these can be helpful in terms of driving web traffic. But they’re typically only linked to the producer/supplier’s home page and when successful, only provide an overview of services. Or, they link to a place in which the buyer can “send his inquiries and in return receive a quote”. Which is precisely the type of transaction-oriented relationship producers/suppliers have the opportunity to move beyond.
  5. Fifth and last, we all too often see sales content/marketing content that checks the box on being successfully written in the English language, but little else. Most of it is not conversationally-driven – an entree to engage in a meaningful dialog. The buying organizations we work with and represent see 99% of this as brochure-ware that does nothing to start a two-way discussion that engages prospects in deeper conversations about the issues they face while sourcing metals.

Want to try something different? Here is an example of a highly targeted white paper we wrote to try and identify specific oil and gas leads for our own consulting practice in the metals arena. The paper generated 66 leads. Here is a sample list of companies that downloaded the white paper: DuPont, BAE Systems, Shell Downstream, ExxonMobil and GE Energy, to name a few.

You can click on that paper 2009 Cost Cutting Ideas for Major Capital Projects in the Energy Industry White Paper here

Public Relations
Forget about banner ads and generic brand building. Instead, take the opportunity to showcase your company’s thought leadership or participate in a discussion, webinar or video and discuss your unique point of view. New media sites like MetalMiner represent the future of where metal-buying organizations will go for information. Engage, share and interact with your target market.

Lead Generation

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