Solution Providers

Solution Providers Consulting firms, software providers, 3PL firms and related solution providers will find a variety of programs available to support on-going demand creation efforts. Our audience, heavily manufacturing oriented, includes a range of operations staff including: commodity managers, sourcing managers, project sourcing managers, category managers, category analysts, vice presidents of supply chain, vice presidents of operations, vice presidents of global sourcing, presidents, global sourcing managers, and the full C-suite (CEO’s, CFO’s, CPO’s).

Our audience includes primarily industrial manufacturers followed by other manufacturers, producers/supplier, financial services firms and mining companies.


Corporate Positioning

We may be a metals website, but we cover topics of interest within the broader supply chain management world. In fact, some of our best-read pieces deal with topics such as lean, inventory management, supply risk management, finance, new product development and vertical integration among others. MetalMiner provides a unique means of establishing a dialog with key operations personnel within some of the world’s largest corporations.

Lead Generation

  • Sponsorships
  • Webinars
  • White Papers

Retainer Based SME

MetalMiner provides retainer-based or flat day rate SME service where typically companies hire us to ensure project implementation, leverage our vast metal supply supplier database, or perform global sourcing services etc.