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Aircraft aluminum demand likely to come back faster than previously thought

Few would argue that semiconductor shortages have hampered automotive output. Earlier in the year, automakers temporarily shuttered factories, cutting into output. According to Toyota, it would slash worldwide vehicle production […]

This Morning in Metals: U.S. to adjust tariffs on E.U. products stemming from Boeing-Airbus dispute

This morning in metals news: the U.S. announced it will adjust its tariffs on E.U. products imposed last year; the U.S.’s renewable energy consumption surpassed that of coal for the […]

Copper MMI: How a Boeing Trade Case Could Cause Global Copper Prices to Skyrocket, Give Wieland Metals a Guaranteed Monopoly

A 15-year trade dispute between Airbus and Boeing could send copper prices skyrocketing, with an even greater impact on U.S. manufacturers than the Section 232 tariffs had on steel and […]

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