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Conspicuously ‘Investing’ in Gold? Now You Can Have a Gold iPhone 7

Tired of being an also ran?

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Having status symbols no better than the guy next door? Ever pulled up in your yacht only to find, 10 minutes later, a guy with a yacht twice the size pulls into the same bay right next to you? Yeah, tiresome isn’t it?

Who Needs a Ferrari When You Can Have a Gold iPhone 7?

Well, while everyone else is queueing outside an Apple store from midnight before the next morning release of a new smartphone, we have something so much better for you. This is the new iPhone 7 from Goldgenie, finished in 24-karat Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum, and if that is not enough for you they do a super luxury version edged and decorated with Swarovski Crystals and even high-quality diamonds. Here’s the best bit, this exclusive, oh-so-cool, piece of one-upsmanship (if there is such a word) luxurious collection will be available with prices starting at just $3,150 (£2,400).

[caption id="attachment_80435" align="aligncenter" width="550"]goldgenie_gold_iphone7_550 Why buy a bigger yacht when you can have a 24-karat gold iPhone 7? Source: goldgenie.[/caption]

However if you really want to push that boat out and outdo the sheikh next to you, go for the $14,300 (£11,000 ) Diamond Rockstar. A bargain, right? It is also rumored that the luxury brand may even be replicating the $3 million (£2.3m) iPhone 6s Diamond Ecstasy encrusted with over 800 diamonds.

Have I convinced you? Are you at this very minute going to goldgenie.com with your Platinum Amex card twitching in your hand to make the 50% deposit to secure your model? No? Nor me.

Beautiful as they are, such products are the epitome of conspicuous consumption and, call me old-fashioned, but I wouldn’t be seen dead with one.

[caption id="attachment_80436" align="aligncenter" width="550"]goldgenie_crystal_iphone7_550 What to get for the chic sheikh who has it all? A diamond and Swarovski crystal iPhone 7, of course! Source: Goldgenie.[/caption]

Goldgenie says it is now taking pre-orders directly from their secure online shop for the 1,250 pre-release handsets Apple has allotted them and it should come as no surprise that the location of their only bricks and mortar outlet is a luxury retail store within the brand new iMall in the United Arab Emirates — the home of conspicuous consumption if ever there was one.

It also looks like Goldgenie has unwittingly confirmed the release and general design specs of the iPhone 7, too.

Two-Month Trial: Metal Buying Outlook

Having dammed the very idea of these examples of hedonistic extravagance, I showed the images to my 17-year-old daughter and my heart filled with pride as she immediately retorted, “that’s gross. who would pay £2,400 for an iphone you can pick up in store for £700?” Then added “mind you, that Rose Gold one does look rather lovely…”

I said “I think I prefer the Platinum.” I guess we are not quite as immune from such self-indulgence as we thought.

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