What Apple’s Tim Cook and Manufacturing Procurement Have in Common


In “The Impact of Regulatory Issues on the Future of Supply Management,” MetalMiner endeavors to examine the legislative and regulatory issues of concern to manufacturing organizations and business in general – at the same time, we to try to bridge the gap between today’s regulatory environment and the supply management function. (We call out the rift between Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and the company’s shareholders as a key example, after the former’s sustainability initiatives raised some concerns.)

We also address the role of procurement with regard to the regulatory environment by specifically addressing these questions: What should the role of procurement be in quantifying cost/benefit impacts of various regulations on the business? What should the role of procurement be in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-related supply chain decisions? Should this be solely left in the hands of corporate public affairs, or should procurement take on a more active role?

When it comes to issues “green” and other regulations, we know businesses are juggling a lot of balls at the same time. We try to cut through the noise.