About MetalMiner

Welcome! We lie awake at night thinking about ways manufacturers can save money (or avoid spending it unnecessarily) on their metal purchases.

That’s why MetalMiner – a digital multimedia resource for metal-buying organizations – identifies metal market trends and price direction, provides daily metal market analysis and commentary, and offers insight and strategies to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

What Sets Us Apart

Uniquely, MetalMiner provides a preemptive global perspective on the issues, trends, and trade policies that will impact how you source and/or trade metals and related metals services. Our analysis and tools for buyers, purchasing professionals, and everyone else for whom metals and related markets matter come from deep inside the business.

MetalMiner’s Origin Story

Commentators Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns, co-founders of Aptium Global Inc., have extensive experience in sourcing and trading metals products around the world. Authors of hundreds of articles, sourcing tools, and white papers, Lisa and Stuart’s strategies, insights, and trends for cost avoidance and savings opportunities are unparalleled.

Our Team

Lisa Reisman – Founder/Executive Editor

Lisa Reisman MetalMinerA third-generation metals enthusiast, Lisa tried several times to leave the metals industry for something more glamorous, but she just couldn’t seem to bring herself do it. So what exactly happened? Read full bio.


Stuart Burns – Founder/Editor-at-large

stuart burns metalminerIt would be nice to say that after earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Kingston University, in London, UK (with First Class Honors, mind you), Stuart was drawn into the metals business by a fascination with metallurgy. Read full bio.



Taras Berezowsky – Managing Editor

taras berezowsky metalminer

If asked a few years ago whether he’d be reporting on, writing and creating video about the metals market, Taras would’ve said, “You’re crazy!” But, when it comes to MetalMiner, he grabs the bull (markets) by the horns. Read full bio.


Brianna Tonner – Manager of Client Services

brianna tonner metalminerBrianna serves as a liaison between the Azul Partners analysts and clients. Bringing five years of marketing and editorial experience, she helps shape creative strategies and programs with clients across the Azul Partners spectrum, including MetalMiner. Read full bio.


Raul de Frutos Tinoco – Metals Procurement Specialist

raul de frutos tinoco metalminerRaul is from Spain, has two master’s degrees, has run marathons in record time, and now he runs the forecasts. However, he keeps struggling with the coffee maker. But we try not to hold it against him. Read full bio.



Kyle Fitzsimmons – Marketing Manager


Kyle, also from a journalism background, has held numerous positions, including news writer, copywriter and content marketing coordinator. He resides in Chicago where he enjoys literature, film, Detroit sports, and knowing what other movies that guy was in. Read full bio.

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