About MetalMiner

MetalMiner helps buying organizations better manage margins, smooth commodity volatility, generate cost savings and negotiate prices for metal commodities. The company does this through a unique forecasting lens  using artificial intelligence (AI), technical analysis (TA) and deep subject matter expertise.

MetalMiner is the leading metal commodities price intelligence brand providing forecasts, analyses and solutions for global manufacturers via its SaaS platform, MetalMiner (SM) Insights.

MetalMiner Insights provides a competitive advantage for metal buyers. It combines actionable should-cost models (real-time), AI-driven price forecasts, technical analysis and sourcing strategy recommendations. These are integrated with pricing data, charting, analyses and historical data. 

The platform is backed with category experts to help achieve cost reduction, risk mitigation and implement actionable sourcing strategies.


MetalMiner History

MetalMiner Founded
MetalMiner Founded as a Blog Site

MetalMiner founders Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns created the brand MetalMiner to help support their direct material cost reduction consultancy, Aptium Global, which was later sold to Azul Partners.

First Forecasting Service
Launched First Forecasting Service, Monthly Metal Outlook (MMO)

Using technical analysis (TA), MetalMiner launched its monthly subscription service covering non-ferrous metals and four forms of flat rolled steel. The service provided a first-of-its-kind means for industrial buying organizations to understand when and how much to buy metal.  

MetalMiner (SM) Insights
Launched MetalMiner (SM) Insights
MetalMiner launched the first version of its platform containing approximately 25 different price points, predictive analytics, monthly price indexes and basic charting capability.
Independent Company
MetalMiner Spins Out as Standalone Company

Parent company Azul Partners sells two of its brands to private equity while independently spinning out MetalMiner as Alpha Commodities. Today the MetalMiner SaaS platform provides a complete series of aluminum prices, steel prices, stainless prices  along with: additional global metal prices, predictive analytics, buying strategies, should-cost models, correlation analysis tools and multi-metal charting capabilities.


Cloud platform, price data, should-cost modeling.

Monthly Outlook

PDF monthly forecast report, with buying recommendations.

Monthly Index

Monthly analysis metal price indexes and industry trends.

Our Story

We’re Used to Putting Our Own Dollars on the Line.

Our DNA starts with metals trading (as in physical metals trading), with our own capital, rather than economics or procurement. After apprenticing at an aluminum trading company, Lisa Reisman, owned and operated her own aluminum import-export company, in addition to later leading cost reduction initiatives as a management consultant. Stuart Burns, is a lifelong metals trader and sourcing expert.

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Chicago, IL

Today’s entire leadership team has nearly 100 years of metals industry experience managing metal market volatility across carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Since the firm’s founding, the motley crew of senior procurement professionals, technical traders, data scientists and analysts have come together to trade off the firm’s own metal market intelligence. Operating their own internal hedge fund, MetalMiner has more than “backtested” its forecasts. It trades on them!

Our Team


Lisa Reisman


A third-generation metals enthusiast, Lisa is co-founder and CEO of MetalMiner. With a background in physical metal trading, management consulting and executive leadership, Lisa has a proven entrepreneurial track record.


Stuart Burns


Stuart has over 35 years of international metal supply experience including twenty+ years running a metals distribution business with sales in 26 countries on five continents. He is considered an expert in global metals trading and sourcing.


Don Hauser


Don negotiated over $300 million of annual global steel purchases for a world leader of agricultural equipment and achieved cost savings of $34 million over two years when compared to historical purchasing practices. He has executed steel price purchasing strategies in Brazil, Mexico, Europe and the U.S., and maintains strong relationships with both steel producers and the service centers in steel distribution. Don is considered one of the world’s foremost expert steel buyers.




Marcos leads all product development initiatives at MetalMiner. Marcos has both a deep understanding of the metals industry after leading dozens of metal price benchmarking projects on behalf of clients as well as significant software development and new product development expertise specifically around market intelligence tools.

Jason Busch

Jason Busch

Managing Director

Jason joined FreeMarkets in the late nineties where he cut his teeth in corporate development and, of course, strategic sourcing and reverse auctions. In 2004 he started Spend Matters, the leading intelligence source for procurement technology. At MetalMiner, Jason leads corporate development as well as private equity and strategic partner relationships. MetalMiner’s loquacious renaissance man, ask him anything about supply chain or procurement, enterprise technology (including blockchain and GenAI) or health/longevity science if you want more details than you ever knew you needed.

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