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MetalMiner clients use Insights to:

  • Build strategies dependent upon steel price forecast accuracy,  stainless steel price forecast accuracy and aluminum price forecast accuracy
  • Manage metal price volatility (steel prices, stainless steel prices, aluminum prices, and more) and mitigate price risk
  • Reduce costs and lower average purchase prices
  • Negotiate cost downs for parts and components that contain high metal content
  • Share supply risk with the supply base by tying steel volatility to a scrap index (Note: MetalMiner is the exclusive distributor of RMDAS scrap data).

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MetalMiner clients use Insights to:

  • Prepare now so you don’t lose money in rising steel markets. These tips could change how the buying organization negotiates its annual contracts. As a result, be sure to
  • Learn how mills and service centers mess with you and how to deal with it
  • See how to buy in up, down, and sideways price markets using price indexes. In addition, don’t forget to check out MetalMiner’s most critical guide to improve metal buying:
  • Discover the 5 best practices of metal sourcing
  • And to make sure companies present the right kinds of intelligence for their executive teams, here are 4 pieces of critical data your executive team wants to know about your category sourcing efforts. And for any organization on the hook for delivering results that require steel price forecast accuracy, aluminum price forecast accuracy, and stainless steel price forecast accuracy, don’t miss
  • The art of timing your metal buy to lower your average purchase price and take advantage of an accurate steel price forecast, stainless steel price forecast and aluminum price forecast. Of course other metals also matter when it comes to forecast accuracy – copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, and other forms of flat-rolled steel.

What's Included?

Price Data
Price Data
and buying
Market news
and analysis
Cost savings
Bid and RFQ
Price correlation
modeling capability
Metal prices
in different
forecast report
Data license,
data feeds
number of
internal users
Unlimited internal
dissemination and
A seat at annual
forecasting workshop

Metal Price Data Includes:

Aluminum Prices
  • China Billet
  • China Primary Cash
  • Korea Commercial 1050 sheet
  • Korea 3003 Coil Premium over 1050
  • Korea 5052 Coil Premium over 1050
  • India Primary Cash
  • LME Primary 3 Month
  • LME Primary Cash
  • LME Aluminum Alloy Primary 3 Month
  • LME Aluminum Alloy Primary Cash
  • LME Aluminum NASAAC Primary Cash
  • US Midwest Premium Futures 3 Month
Copper Prices
  • LME Primary 3 Month
  • LME Primary Cash
Steel Prices
  • China HDG
  • China CRC
  • China H-Beam
  • China HRC
  • China Plate
  • China Rebar
  • China Slab
  • China Wire
  • Korea HRC
  • Korea Plate
  • Korea Rebar
  • Korea CRC
  • United States HRC
  • United States CRC
  • United States HDG
  • United States Plate
Scrap Prices
  • Total US Prompt Industrial Comp.
  • Total US Shredded Scrap (#2)
  • Total US #1 Heavy Melting Steel
  • North Central / East Prompt Industrial Comp.
  • North Central / East Shredded Scrap (#2)
  • North Central / East #1 Heavy Melting Steel
  • North Midwest Prompt Industrial Comp.
  • North Midwest Shredded Scrap (#2)
  • North Midwest #1 Heavy Melting Steel
  • South Prompt Industrial Comp.
  • South Shredded Scrap (#2)
  • South #1 Heavy Melting Steel
Lead Prices
  • LME Primary 3 Month
  • LME Primary Cash
Nickel Prices
  • LME Primary 3 Month
  • LME Primary Cash
  • China Primary Cash
  • India Primary Cash
  • NAS 304 Stainless Steel Surcharge
  • NAS 430 Stainless Steel Surcharge
Tin Prices
  • LME Primary 3 Month
  • LME Primary Cash
Zinc Prices
  • LME Primary 3 Month
  • LME Primary Cash
Precious & Minor
A global industrial equipment manufacturing MMO subscriber used the information to create a mill-direct buying strategy that generated $2.495M in savings per year (60% annual cost savings) on the steel portion alone. The strategy involved consolidating the spend from fabricators and multiple service centers to a single service center relationship and mill-directed buying program.

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