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MetalMiner has long been the primary hub for daily global metals market news coverage and many metals buyers rely on its pricing forecasts and buying recommendations.

With the introduction of the MetalMiner Insights Platform, it’s now also your best value resource for metals pricing information. It’s the only method that combines metal prices with forecasting, and data analysis capability (such as correlation modeling) which no other market intelligence firm can provide.

Included in your MetalMiner Insights license:

Price Data
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Price Data
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and buying recommendations
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Market news
and analysis
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Bid and RFQ
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correlation modeling
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Metal prices
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forecast report
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Unlimited internal dissemination and usage
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A seat at annual forecasting workshop
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All the metals intelligence you need in one user-friendly platform with unlimited usage.
It’s really a no-brainer to switch to MetalMiner Insights.
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Insights and data included for the following materials:

Aluminum Prices

China Billet
China Primary Cash
Korea Commercial 1050 sheet
Korea 3003 Coil Premium over 1050
Korea 5052 Coil Premium over 1050
India Primary Cash
LME Primary 3 Month
LME Primary Cash
LME Aluminum Alloy Primary 3 Month
LME AluminumA lloy Primary Cash
LME Aluminum NASAAC Primary Cash
US Midwest Premium Futures 3 Month

Copper Prices

LME Primary 3 Month
LME Primary Cash

Steel Prices

China HDG
China CRC
China H-Beam
China HRC
China Plate
China Rebar
China Slab
China Wire
Korea HRC
Korea Plate
Korea Rebar
Korea CRC
United States HRC
United States CRC
United States HDG
United States Plate

Scrap Prices

Total US Prompt Industrial Comp.
Total US Shredded Scrap (#2)
Total US #1 Heavy Melting Steel
North Central / East Prompt Industrial Comp.
North Central / East Shredded Scrap (#2)
North Central / East #1 Heavy Melting Steel
North Midwest Prompt Industrial Comp.
North Midwest Shredded Scrap (#2)
North Midwest #1 Heavy Melting Steel
South Prompt Industrial Comp.
South Shredded Scrap (#2)
South #1 Heavy Melting Steel

Lead Prices

LME Primary 3 Month
LME Primary Cash

Nickel Prices

LME Primary 3 Month
LME Primary Cash
China Primary Cash
India Primary Cash
NAS 304 Stainless Steel Surcharge
NAS 430 Stainless Steel Surcharge

Tin Prices

LME Primary 3 Month
LME Primary Cash

Zinc Prices

LME Primary 3 Month
LME Primary Cash

Precious & Minor
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us to discuss running a correlation analysis to obtain the pricing you seek.

The MetalMiner Forecasting Methodology

Our unique approach to forecasting focuses on identifying correct long-term action in a sea of mixed signals and fluctuating prices.
Let us help you reduce the media noise.

  • Dynamic price tracking forms the core of our forecasting approach. We are technical analysts that follow the school of thought that price accurately reflects all market sentiment.
  • We provide our portal subscribers with industrial metal buying strategies based on the determination of resistance and support pricing, founded on tracking dynamic price movements.
  • Changes to any specific metal’s industrial buying guidance only follows once a clear price change signal presents itself. This helps to reduce reactiveness to short-term price fluctuations.
  • Additionally, our analysts assess industrial metal buying strategies through a contextual macroeconomic analysis lens first, along with a general assessment of the industrial metals markets, prior to issuing specific buying guidance for any of the metals currently tracked (view the list of industrial metals we track here).
  • Our in-house analysts track detailed metal market price changes, adjusting resistance and support level prices as needed, with dynamic reporting now available through the platform.
  • Our approach is unique. We don’t waste time trying to guess what the next price will be. Our focus does not center on identifying the absolute lowest price. Rather, we focus on identifying current price directionality and volatility.
  • MetalMiner has an impeccable price tracking and forecasting track record.

About Our Data

Quality Market Price Data in One Convenient Location
Our data comes directly from well-known, highly reputable market sources, compiled for convenience in one portal. Inquire to learn more.

Prices + Forecasting = Better Decision Making
We don't charge extra for forecasting. Instead MetalMiner combines metal prices with a suite of forecasting tools to help buying organizations make big decisions whether that occurs annually, monthly, weekly or daily. No other market intelligence services provides this.

Historical Data
Subscribers receive original time series data collected by MetalMiner since 2012. Additionally, our analysts provide ongoing reporting and market updates for subscribers only.

State of the Art Analytics Capability
Our unique platform includes advanced correlation capability that allows you to securely upload your data to obtain additional insight and analytics for the metals that you buy - even if we don’t have a matching or corresponding price index or forecast report!

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