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Data Science: The Key to Cost-Savings

Most organizations understand the power of data science but struggle with implementation. We’re changing that. Learn how buying organizations that use a data-driven approach save more on COGS.

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Squeezing Out Costs in a Falling Demand Market

Buying organizations always find themselves challenged in slower markets to identify cost reduction opportunities, as well as manage market volatility. In a market with slowing demand, a number of strategies and tactics can help a company better manage margins. This research report offers 5 strategies to help achieve cost savings in slower markets.

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Should cost models

Should-Cost Models:
 The Ultimate Saving Hack

A should-cost model provides procurement professionals with the most powerful means to negotiate, for example, the price of aluminum per pound. This becomes possible because should-cost models break down all of the elements that make up that price.

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How Executive Teams Expect Procurement to Save Money

Communicating commodity volatility with executive members remains a key function of the procurement organization. Without it, executive teams don’t have the information needed to make critical decisions. Read to understand how to present information to executive teams.

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The 5 Biggest Cost-Saving Sourcing Tactics

For new procurement professionals or those that have the exciting responsibility of managing a metals category for the first time, this brief on the 5 best practices of metal-based sourcing can help with upcoming supplier negotiations. This briefly describes how to use cost breakdowns.

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The Art of Timing Your Buy

Some may argue that timing purchases appears speculative. Spot buying, however, also means speculative buying! Understanding a metal’s short term and long term price trend allows buyers to alter strategies in falling, sideways, and rising markets.

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