MetalMiner Metal Price Forecasting: Monthly Metals Buying Outlook

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“We saved 7.3% on our annual stainless steel buying generating over $1 million in savings thanks to MetalMiner’s advisory services” – VP, SCM, Tier 2 Automotive Company

Metals prices fluctuate throughout the year. Arm yourself with the most accurate metals price forecast to save money (or avoid unnecessary spending) on your metal purchases with MetalMiner’s Monthly Metal Buying Outlook, including:

  • Medium- and short-term trend analyses covering 10 metal types (aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, HRC, CRC HDG and plate) for the North American market.
  • Support and resistance numbers (Pivot Points) to bear in mind for each covered metal.
  • Expert commentary with graphs identifying the factors driving price fluctuations.
  • Exact price level pinpoints and alerts of when to make changes to your sourcing strategy.

MetalMiner is the best tool I ever came across in 37 years of buying steel. It helps us make a more educated decision when hedging or buying and on duration. MetalMiner staff will assist you in understanding real market issues. I strongly recommend subscribing to MetalMiner’s Monthly Outlook to anyone responsible for metal spend and negotiating.” – Mike Napoli, Commodities Purchasing and Cost Control Manager, Kenall Mfg.

Bill Chapin, Procurement Manager, Watson, Inc.: “(MetalMiner’s) monthly metals price outlook reports are instrumental in my ability to stay on top of changes and patterns in the Industry, and most importantly the impact these have on our business. The success I was able to achieve in controlling, and in several cases, reducing our costs last year was directly attributable to the information I obtained through MetalMiner.

“MetalMiner has broadened my knowledge of the metals world. It keeps me informed on what is happening and what is coming next – which sure beats finding generic info on the web.” – Ron Wilson, CPO, Wilbur Curtis

Jack Bellissimo, Sourcing Manager, Hubbell Incorporated: “The MetalMiner publication led by (Lisa Reisman) will have a positive disruption effect on the current indexing and forecasting industry. It empowers metal analysts/buyers/supply chain folks to be more intelligent when making metal purchases.

Just like Mike, Ron, Bill and Jack, MetalMiner can help you identify opportunities to offset risk and source metals at competitive costs through the monthly outlook reports.

With a near-100% renewal rate, subscribers clearly find the monthly outlook essential to their sourcing strategies.

Subscriptions are fairly priced at $1,299 (single seat) or $2,499 (up to five seats) per year.

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