Latest Past Events

Tackling Falling Demand, Rising Material Prices and Supply Chain Shocks


Are you a metal buyer for a large manufacturer? If so, you know that the current market is a challenging one. Falling demand, volatile material prices, and supply chain shocks are all putting a strain on your bottom line. But don't worry, you're not alone. In this crowd-sourced metal buyer workshop, you'll hear from three […]

2024 Annual Metal Budgeting & Forecasting Workshop


Metalminer is back with its annual budgeting and forecasting workshop for 2024! Although 2023 has seen less volatility than previous years, prices have begun moving again which can complicate contract negotiations. This sessions is geared toward Directors of Procurement, CPO's, CFO’s and Category Managers tasked with establishing annual contracts. This one-time, one-hour session will help […]

Out of Low Hanging Fruit? How to Use Unconventional Cost Reduction Tools


Calling all category managers and procurement directors! If you are the person on the hook for delivering cost-savings or cost avoidance in 2023, this workshop is specifically for you! In this session, we specifically look at relationships across metals and the clues these relationships provide regarding price direction, and more importantly, buying strategy. In essence, […]

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