SMU Steel Summit 2015

Meet us in Atlanta for SMU’s Steel Summit Conference!

The Steel Market Update 2015 Steel Summit Conference invades Atlanta next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the MetalMiner™ team will be there in full force.

Lisa Reisman, CEO, Azul Partners and executive editor, MetalMiner, is presenting our September steel price forecast, as part of our Monthly Buying Outlook report, which is now available with an annual subscription.

Also presenting at the event is Serafino Capoferri, London Commodity Consultant, CRU; Peter Meyers, executive vice president, Metalico; Gaurav Chhibbar, raw material manager, Cargill Metals; Timna Tanners, research analyst, Metals and Mining Bank of America Merrill Lynch; and John Anton, principal economist, Steel IHS Inc., among others.

This is the annual event for steel producers, manufacturing companies, end-users and service centers to come together and discuss the current issues affecting the metals industry.

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China To Close Millions Of Tons Of Aluminum Smelter Capacity

The China Non-Ferrous Association announced this week that leading Chinese aluminum smelters intend to axe 2.4 million metric tons of capacity in the next couple of months.

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Nearly all the world’s net gain in production capacity has come from China this year and, while estimates vary, a portion of the industry, even in China, is certainly losing money at current prices.

That is the case in the rest of the world, too, with UC Rusal and Alcoa, Inc. both contemplating further closures. Inside China, the growth of new smelter capacity has been in the northwest, often based on captive, low-cost coal deposits for power generation and utilizing the latest smelter technology that, combined with large economies of scale, has made these Chinese smelters some of the lowest cost of production in the world.


The aluminum surplus, and a weak economy at home, have finally forced Chinese smelters to cut production.

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