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    Passing the STRRA

    Can Congress push through crucial infrastructure legislation by Thanksgiving?

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This Thanksgiving Holiday, all of us here at MetalMiner would like to share what we’re thankful for this year.

(Mostly) Transparent Markets for the Metals You Buy

While it’s been a great year for buyers, with low commodity prices across the board, we are constantly reminded that prices are only as correct as the information behind them.

Free Sample Report: Our Annual Metal Buying Outlook

This is the first full year for the new LBMA gold and silver prices. More open and transparent processes for precious metal prices can only help purchasers in the long run by giving them more information about what goes into the prices they are quoted. We are thankful for market transparency in all its forms.

Happy Thanksgiving from MetalMiner!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at MetalMiner!

That’s why our own MetalMiner IndX is updated daily with over 600 price points from domestic and multiple international markets. We’re always happy to add more open and transparent price points. (more…)

slider-annualoutlook-blue2016Sourcing steel in 2016? You’ll want to know when to buy as it can be just as, if not more important, than how much you buy and where you buy it from.

When you source can make all the difference in shaving dollars and cents from your bottom line. But what about the risk? Is there more upside risk or downside risk for steel heading in 2016?

Our own Lisa Reisman recently spoke with a well-known consultant/advisor in the domestic steel industry about this very topic. He maintained that there is likely more upside risk in steel, but her stance reflected that of an industrial metal buying perspective: “Yeah? So what!”

Whether the risk is upside or downside is irrelevant unless we also see evidence of a shift in the market, which is not the case. We are firmly in a bear market and as it stands, we only care about what will make us change our buying behavior.

That’s not just for steel, however. If you’re sourcing copper, tin, lead, zinc, nickel or aluminum then take a second to download our complimentary 2016 Annual Metals Buying Outlook.