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  • Analysis of top metal market trends
  • Geopolitical risk coverage
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Are You a Customer, or a Prisoner?

Do you have a subscription with an existing metal market intelligence provider?
If so, have you experienced any of the following?
  • Having to pay an up-charge for every new user in your company to access information you already paid for?
  • Paying a lot of money for a singular price point so that you can use that price in a contract?
  • Does it annoy you that your supplier needs to subscribe to the same price point to be used as a contracting mechanism?
  • Are you tired of your existing provider embedding cookies in your PDF’s? Then slapping your wrists for sharing information with internal colleagues?
  • Do you trust the phone polling method or web survey method?
  • Are you frustrated as a large OEM, wondering if smaller players in the market are creating “the reported price”?
  • Are you tired of constant price increases?

MetalMiner has pursued price reporting in a revolutionary way. By bringing more transparency and granular price data to the market. After all, customers ought to like their market intelligence providers.

MetalMiner Insights, the Leading Market Intelligence Platform for Metal Prices

Maximize Savings, Minimize Uncertainty

MetalMiner serves as the leading market intelligence brand, uniquely providing forecasts for metal prices. Along with this, MetalMiner also provides analysis and solutions for global manufacturers via our SaaS platform, MetalMiner (SM) Insights. Interested in steel prices? What about the price of aluminum?  Our team members, using the MetalMiner Insights platform, partner with manufacturing organizations to help generate cost savings. Furthermore, we help provide an immediate ROI using the MetalMiner Insights platform.

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Industrial metals reports

MetalMiner Report Subscriptions

Check out our monthly and annual outlooks which include a monthly proven price forecast, buying strategy, key drivers of the market and average prices for the next 12 months.

Best Practice Library

Reduce Market Volatility with the MetalMiner Best Practices Library

The MetalMiner Best Practices Library ultimately helps procurement professionals with the most strategic elements of the job. In addition to this, these resources help reduce market volatility, reduce risk, lower cost of goods sold, improve supplier relationships and better forecast profitability and earnings.

Check out these resources:

Get Market Metal Prices

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

Market Analysis

Click here to see the latest market analysis. In addition to this, stay posted on what is driving metal prices.

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Catch the latest MetalMiner workshop. Moreover, learn effective tactics to use when negotiating with suppliers.

MetalMiner Prices

The MetalMiner prices pages for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum each showcase a specific metal price point (top chart) against the MetalMiner Outlook (forecast) to show a typical savings amount generated if a buying organization followed the forecast.

Furthermore, each week, MetalMiner will feature different price points by metal. Steel, stainless steels and aluminum prices update weekly.

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Weekly Newsletter:

Each week, MetalMiner features different price points by metal. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum price updates weekly. In addition to this, get regular updates on relevant macroeconomics and other commodity news.

  • Analysis of top metal market trends
  • Geopolitical risk coverage
  • Expert commentary
  • Free resources and links to optimize your sourcing strategies

Monthly MetalMiner Index Report:

Each month, MetalMiner sends out an index report showing you the price change (sideways up or down) for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, rare earths, automotive, construction, grain-oriented electrical steel, renewables and precious metals.

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