MetalMiner Metal Price Benchmarking

Take the guesswork out of buying industrial metals

What if you could analyze your metals spend (or quotes) – line item by line item – against the average price paid for the same metals by similar companies?

MetalMiner Benchmark Overview Video

Use MetalMiner Benchmark to tap into a proprietary database:

  • Containing 30M+ actual price points of North American industrial metals
  • Collected from 1,550+ companies in 27 industries
  • Comparing metal prices by type, grade, form and even size (e.g. 3003 H14 .050 x 48” x 120” sheets)

MetalMiner Benchmark services truly take the guesswork out of your spend analysis and competitive intelligence efforts.

Available MetalMiner Benchmark Services

Single Price Benchmark

Enter Individual Prices
Instantly receive price benchmark and basic price statistics

Enterprise Spend Benchmark

Enterprise Metals Spend Analysis
Receive a detailed, statistical analysis and tailored Metals Benchmarking Report (MBR)

Apply MetalMiner Benchmark Metals Intelligence

Get granular in benchmarking your industrial metal spend to analyze your performance and identify cost savings with MetalMiner Benchmark:

  • Industrial Price Discovery: Negotiate from a position of strength as you compare actual prices being paid for industrial metals – in the exact alloy, form and spec you need
  • Vendor Identification: Identify alternative suppliers and/or make more effective mill-direct vs. service center decisions
  • Total Cost Modeling: Make sound business decisions when you identify how a change in metal cost will affect your total product cost
  • Sales & Marketing Support: Arm sales and marketing with market price knowledge to inform your customers

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