Introducing Maria Rosa Gobitz, Nick Athanis to the MetalMiner team

MetalMiner is happy to introduce two additions to the analyst and client services team: Maria Rosa Gobitz, who joins as senior research analyst, and Nick Athanis as the client services manager.

Gobitz comes to MetalMiner after beginning her career as a geotechnical engineer at Knight Piesold. She later went into research analysis at Wood Mackenzie, working as a supply and cost analyst for base and precious metals.
Gobitz has a geological engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines.
Athanis comes to MetalMiner after gaining his bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and marketing at Marquette University.
Welcome Maria Rosa and Nick to the MetalMiner team and get to know a little bit more about them in the Q&As below:

Maria Rosa Gobitz recently joined the MetalMiner team as its new senior research analyst.

Maria Rosa Gobitz
What attracted you to MetalMiner? 
I’ve spent most of my career on the supply side, working with producers and visiting mines. Learning about the demand side of the metal business and analyzing the market from a metal buyer’s perspective seemed like the best next step.
Which aspects of the job fascinate you the most?
Technical analysis. In the past, my analysis was based on fundamentals (supply and demand), which obviously are important considerations to understand the metals market and price forecasting. As I learn more about technical analysis, the more sense it makes, not only for the metals market but to analyze any other financial market. Another aspect that I’m enjoying is learning about other metals that I wasn’t familiar with, such as steel and aluminum.

How did you find your way to the world of industrial metals?

My mom is a civil engineer that focuses on rock mechanics, and my dad is a mining engineer. Even though they never suggested I studied geology, minerals and geomorphology caught my attention at an early age (maybe because road cuts are their favorite road trip stops).

Outside of MetalMiner, what do you like to do for fun?

I like anything outdoors but mostly running! I run a marathon per year, and this year’s will be special because it will be the first one I run with my sister.

Nick Athanis

nathanis hs 287
Nick Athanis recently joined the MetalMiner team as its new client services manager.

What attracted you to MetalMiner?
One thing that stands out to me is when I was first interviewing with MetalMiner Founder and Executive Editor Lisa Reisman, she mentioned that at Azul Partners there are no B players. It’s an A team. Being able to work with professionals who are dedicated to being successful in their respective roles was a big factor for me.
Which aspects of the job fascinate you the most?
The ability to work with a variety of different businesses and the opportunity to combine both my marketing and supply chain backgrounds.
Where do you think MetalMiner’s opportunity lies and how will your skills impact it?
I think MetalMiner’s main opportunity lies in assisting organizations in becoming more effective than they were before they used our services. My intellectual curiosity combined with my communications skills make for a great chance to provide real value to our clients while also diversifying MetalMiner’s client base.
How did you find your way to the world of marketing and supply chain?
Marketing came more natural to me as much of my previous work involved a lot of customer relationship management mixed with sales. I gained an interest in supply chain while learning about the growing importance of procurement and logistics at Marquette University. My post-grad goal was to be able to combine my marketing skills with my knowledge of supply chain, and I am fortunate to be able to fulfill that goal at MetalMiner.
Outside of MetalMiner, what do you like to do for fun?
For fun, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, listening to and playing music, watching films, and sharpening my chess game.

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