New Report on Local Sourcing for Manufacturing

‘Farm-to-Table’ Becomes ‘Maker-to-User’: How a Manufacturing Movement is Emerging reports on the “maker-to-user” trend, following the “farm-to-table” model, that is gaining steam in the world of manufacturing.

MetalMiner’s newest research:

  • Draws a parallel between the “Farm-to-Table” agricultural model and the “Maker-to-User” movement in manufacturing
  • Analyzes the financial and general benefits gained from local sourcing
  • Compares local vs. offshore supply chains and their economic repercussions
  • Explores the impact of the Trump Administration’s new tariffs

The report investigates how basic U.S. manufacturing is at risk from over-reliance on import of raw materials and examines the question of consumer cost. Download the full document — at no cost — to learn more!