Section 232 Investigation Impact Report

How will ‘Section 232’ impact you?

President Trump has implemented tariffs on both aluminum and steel as a result of the Department of Commerce Section 232 investigation.

MetalMiner’s analyst team has delved into potential price scenarios and outcomes from the new policies, and what they would mean for metal producers, metal buyers and metal prices.

In this impact report we have laid out buying strategies for various possible outcomes, and have updated it to include assessments of aluminum and steel prices. Purchase today for only $74.99 to get the answers to your Section 232 questions about price impacts, market changes, imports, and when and how much to buy.

MetalMiner has examined the impact of Section 232 across all metals – stainless steel, carbon steel, primary aluminum and semi-finished aluminum and how it could affect you – the buyer. Get your copy of Section 232 Impact by Scenario on Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Steel Prices today and learn more about the potential impact on your industrial metals purchases.

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