World Steel Association: February Global Crude Steel Production Up 3.5% Year Over Year

According to a World Steel Association report this week, global crude steel production in February was up 3.5% compared with February 2017.
The 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association produced 131.8 million tons in February, according to the report.
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Source: World Steel Association

China’s crude steel production in February was 64.9 million tons (an estimate from the China Iron and Steel Association), good for an increase of 5.9% compared to February 2017.
Elsewhere in Asia, India produced 8.4 million tons, up 3.4% year over year.
Japan and South Korea, meanwhile, posted year-over-year production drops.
Japan produced 8.3 million tons of crude steel, down 0.5% year over. South Korea’s decline was even more steep, with its 5.4 million tons marking a 2.1% drop year over year.

 The U.S. produced 6.4 million tons, up 0.4% year over year.
Meanwhile, other steel producers:
  • Italy, 2.1 million tons, up 4.5%
  • France, 1.3 million tons, up 1.0%
  • Spain, 1.1 million tons, up 0.4%
  • Turkey, 3.0 million tons, up 8.7%
  • Brazil, 2.7 million tons, up 5.5%

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As for global capacity utilization, the February rate hit 73.3%, up 1.8% from February 2017.

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