MetalMiner Webinar: How Can Manufacturers Confront the ‘Skills Gap’?

Manufacturers today are grappling with a shortage of people.
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Much ink has been spilled about the contemporary skills gap, which has forced manufacturers to go to new lengths to fill positions in their operations.
Given the shrinking labor pool for manufacturers, who continue to need tech-savvy workers to keep their operations humming, what can they do to find them in a world in which they’re increasing harder to find?
An upcoming MetalMiner webinar will delve into that very topic; those interested can register for the free webinar here.
Scheduled for 10 a.m. MDT on Oct. 24, MetalMiner Executive Editor Lisa Reisman will be joined by Matt Runfola, executive director and founder of the Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center, and Brett Armstrong, director of business development for Avetta, for a webinar titled “The War For Contractor Talent: How Manufacturers Can Find the Workers They Need (and Fast).”
Those interested in participating in the free webinar can register online here.
In the free webinar, Reisman will delve into what companies should do to address the aforementioned talent gap, while Runfola will share his insights regarding what changes need to be made to facilitate a workforce that fits the modern manufacturing climate.
Earlier this year, MetalMiner visited the CIADC to chat with Runfola about the CIADC’s mission.
“High-value manufacturing is flexibility, it’s being able to change product lines quickly and efficiently and you’ve got people that can adapt very easily,” Runfola said in August. “In our small way, I feel that’s what we’re equipping people that come out of our classes with, that versatility.”
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Armstrong will weigh in on how businesses can find 100% compliant contractors, thus mitigating risk and improving productivity.

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