MetalMiner 2021 Annual Outlook report breaks down the year ahead

2021 Annual Outlook reportThis is a crucial time of year in the world of metals: contracting season. It also means it’s time for something else: the MetalMiner 2021 Annual Outlook report.
This past year has been marked by volatility, a situation that is not likely to change over the coming year.
For industrial metal buying organizations, that means the task of procuring metals is even more challenging than ever.

Accessing the 2021 MetalMiner Annual Outlook report

The Annual Outlook report is available only to MetalMiner subscribers.
To inquire about a subscription and get access to this invaluable resource, visit the dedicated 2021 Annual Outlook landing page.

Price drivers, support and resistance, and average prices

This U.S.-centric annual buying guide consolidates MetalMiner’s 12-month view and provides buying organizations with a complete understanding of the fundamental factors driving prices.
The Annual Outlook also offers a detailed forecast that can be used when sourcing metals for 2021 — including expected average prices, and support and resistance levels.
The Annual Outlook report covers 10 key metals in detail: aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, HRC, CRC, HDG and plate.
Buyers have to know how to time their buys and be aware of a wide variety of factors influencing prices. Among other factors, MetalMiner’s analysis gives specific attention to the Chinese economy, oil prices and the U.S. dollar.
In addition, buyers need to continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on commodity and industrial metal markets.

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