This Morning in Metals: Job openings unchanged in August

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This morning in metals news: the number of U.S. job openings showed little movement in August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported; U.S. Steel’s Keetac mine remains closed; and winter heating bills are likely to be a little higher than last year’s, per the Energy Information Administration.
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Job openings unchanged in August

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. job openings were relatively unchanged in August.
Job openings stood at 6.5 million as of the last day of August. Job openings decreased by 68,000 within the construction sector.

Keetac mine remains idled

In late April, U.S. Steel announced it would idle its Keetac mine in Minnesota and lay off hundreds of workers.

Almost six months later, the mine remains closed despite others in Minnesota’s Iron Range having already reopened, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Winter heating bills

The Energy Information Administration reported this year’s winter heating expenditures will be higher than last year’s.
“Compared with last winter’s heating bills, EIA expects households that primarily use natural gas or electricity will have slightly higher energy expenditures this winter, and households that use propane will spend 14% more,” the EIA reported. “EIA expects households that use heating oil to spend 10% less than last winter.”
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