Best of 2020: Most-viewed posts on MetalMiner

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Before we turn the page, let’s take a look back at the best of 2020 with the most-viewed posts of the year here on MetalMiner.
The year saw the novel coronavirus become a pandemic, throwing markets into chaos, disrupting supply chains and exacting an immense toll on human life around the world.
The third and fourth quarters of the year showed some signs of economic recovery. However, recovery efforts remain on shaky ground. Despite emergency approvals for vaccines, there is still a long road ahead until populations can reach significant levels of vaccination.
As for metals prices, the coronavirus pandemic dented demand earlier in the year. In the U.S., steel prices began to recover over the summer, as automotive demand bounced back on the heels of a two-month production shutdown that began in late March.
Steel prices have continued to rise since. MetalMiner CEO Lisa Reisman recently delved into the latest challenge for steel-buying organizations: the allocation market.
As for other commodities, readers seemed to be particularly interested in our coverage of oil prices. Oil prices earlier this year suffered the twin shock of a sharp decline in demand paired with tension between Saudi Arabia and Russia that ultimately produced a flood of additional supply.

Best of 2020

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  2. Silver’s recovery has been dramatic — but how high can it go?

  3. First a stock market crash, then an oil price crash as Saudi Arabia, Russia butt heads

  4. Gold has surged during the pandemic, but what does 2021 look like?

  5. Coronavirus likely to impact steel, iron ore demand in 2020

  6. The nickel market is set for major disruption

  7. Aluminium prices likely to remain lower for longer

  8. This Morning in Metals: U.S. steel prices rise

  9. After historic gold-silver price gap in March, investors are starting to bet on silver

  10. Precious metal prices, including gold, in free fall

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