Video: MetalMiner 2022 Metal Price Predictions and How to Set World Class Buying Strategies

While no one has a crystal ball, MetalMiner will present a 2022 outlook using technical analysis (TA) models and artificial intelligence (AI). This webinar will touch on specific buying strategies that align with both the short- and long-term forecasts. Knowing whether a metal is in a long-term bull, bear or sideways market informs sourcing strategy. This webinar will cover: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper and zinc. Will steel continue to fall or is this only a seasonal slowdown? Will aluminum prices recover and touch long-term highs recently reached? How will Section 232 tariff policy reshape the steel market in 2022? Join this 45-minute webinar and test your read of the market against MetalMiner analysts and learn how using this type of forecast can save buying organizations money over the long term. Attendees will walk away with:

  • Why understanding the long-term trend for an underlying metal has relevance to the specific sourcing strategy undertaken
  • A better understanding of the economic and technical indicators needed to read markets correctly
  • Specific buying strategies available to buying organizations based on the short- and long-term forecast
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