MetalMiner Releases New Website and Series of Power Generation Metals with Forecasts


Jennifer Kary
Power Generation Metals

Chicago, IL: MetalMiner launches a slew of new power generation metals and forecast capability which encompasses and supports the following industries/areas of manufacturing:

  • Renewable energy
  • Battery materials
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electricity
  • Energy storage
  • Oil and gas
  • Advanced computing
  • New tech
  • Power Generation

The new metals release, currently in beta testing, will be available on MetalMiner Insights starting in Q3.

To support this release, MetalMiner just relaunched a brand new, versatile website. This design not only features a brand new, easy-to-use UI, but also features interactive pricing graphs, curated market analysis and content, video archives featuring past workshops as well as dynamic content geared toward purchasing professionals needing to better manage market volatility, smooth earnings, and manage commodity price risk.

“Our clients tell us the combination of metal prices with our unique forecasting capability for a broad range of metals helps them negotiate more effectively with suppliers as well as avoid making bad purchasing decisions,” says Lisa Reisman, CEO of MetalMiner, “The addition of some of these in-demand metal prices and forecasts only expands the MetalMiner platform capabilities.”

About MetalMiner: MetalMiner helps buying organizations better manage margins, smooth commodity volatility, generate cost savings and negotiate prices for metal commodities. The company does this through a unique forecasting lens using artificial intelligence (AI), technical analysis (TA) and deep subject matter expertise.


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