This Morning in Metals: South Korea Goes to the WTO to Dispute U.S. Tariffs

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This morning in metals news, South Korea has filed a complaint at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the U.S. tariffs on washing machines and solar panels, turmoil in the aluminum market is high and copper prices dipped Monday.

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South Korea Goes to the WTO

South Korea has filed a complaint at the WTO over the U.S. tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, according to Reuters.

Aluminum Volatility

It’s been a bumpy couple of months for the aluminum market, as the U.S. Section 232 tariff on the metal and the announced sanctions Russian firms and their owners have combined to spark quite a bit of volatility.

Marco Palmieri, president of Novelis North America, pointed to the aforementioned items as the recent sources of uncertainty in the market during an interview with the Financial Times.

Copper Down, Lead Up

Copper prices dropped on account of rising stockpiles while lead continued to push away from its nine-month low, according to Reuters.

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LME copper dropped 0.7% while lead rose 1.5%, according to the report.

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