World Steel Association: Global Crude Steel Production in April Up 4.1%

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According to a World Steel Association report on Friday, global crude steel production in April was up 4.1% compared with April 2017.
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The 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association produced 148.3 million tons (MT) in April.
According to the report, China’s crude steel production for April 2018 was 76.7 MT, up 4.8% compared to April 2017. Japan, meanwhile, hit 8.7 MT, down 0.4% from April 2017.
India hit 8.7 MT, up 5.6% compared to April 2017. South Korea’s crude steel production, was also up, by 7.1% to 5.9 MT last month.
Domestically, the U.S. produced 6.9 MT of crude steel in April 2018, up 3.6% from April 2017.
Within the European Union (E.U.), Italy hit 2.1 MT of crude steel, up by 3.7%. France produced 1.4 MT of crude steel, up by 10.7%. Spain produced 1.3 MT of crude steel, up by 7.5%.
Brazil’s production rose 1.9% to 3.0 MT, while Ukraine saw a 6.0% increase up to 1.7 MT.
Production in Turkey was down for the month, dropping 3.1% to 3.0 MT.
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The global crude steel capacity utilization rate was up 2.4 percentage points from April 2017, at 76.9% for April 2018.
Source: World Steel Association

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