This Morning in Metals News: Miners Call for Lifting of Philippines Ban

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This morning in metals news, miners in the Philippines are calling for an end to the country’s ban on new large-scale projects, President Donald Trump tweeted his administration is finishing a study regarding potential tariffs on imported cars, and Russia’s prime minister called for retaliation against the U.S.’s steel and aluminum tariffs.
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Miners Calls for End to Ban on Big Projects in Philippines

Miners in the Philippines, a major producer of nickel, are lobbying for the end to a ban on new large projects in the country, Reuters reported.
The government recently announced that a ban was lifted regarding smaller projects, but environmental concerns remain vis-a-vis large-scale projects.

Studying Import Tariffs on Cars

Trump this week said his administration is working toward completion of a study regarding potential tariffs on imports of cars, Reuters reported.
“We are finishing our study of Tariffs on cars from the E.U. in that they have long taken advantage of the U.S. in the form of Trade Barriers and Tariffs. In the end it will all even out – and it won’t take very long!” the president wrote in a tweet.

Russian PM Says Country Should Retaliate Again U.S. Tariffs

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev asked the country’s Ministry of Development to come up with proposals for potential retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods in response to its steel and aluminum tariffs, CBS News and the Associated Press reported.
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“These measures have a discriminatory character,” Medvedev was quoted as saying. “They cannot remain without consequences. The European Union, China, and we need to think about response measures.”

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