This Morning in Metals: Steel imports down 22.1% through November

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This morning in metals news: U.S. steel imports dropped 22.1% year over year through the first 11 months of the year; the U.S. international trade deficit rose by 5.5% from October to November; and global aluminum production totaled 5.47 million metric tons in November.
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U.S. steel imports drop

U.S. steel imports fell by 22.1% year over year through November, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) reported.
The U.S. imported 20.5 million net tons of steel this year.
Meanwhile, in November, the U.S. imported 1.37 million net tons of steel, a 9.2% drop compared with October.

U.S. trade deficit rises in November

The U.S. international trade deficit totaled $84.8 billion in November, up 5.5% from $80.4 billion in October, the U.S. Census Bureau reported.
Imports in November came in at $212 billion, up $5.5 billion from October.

Global aluminum production

Global aluminum production totaled 5.47 million metric tons in November, the International Aluminum Institute reported.
The total marked an increase from the 5.26 million metric tons produced in November 2019.
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