This Morning in Metals: Aluminum Association calls for changes to Section 232 exclusion process

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This morning in metals news: the Aluminum Association this week called for reforms to the Section 232 exclusion process; meanwhile, Volvo Cars reported a record first quarter in sales; and, lastly, Chilean miner Codelco requested arbitration with Ecuador regarding the Llurimagua project.

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Aluminum Association calls for Section 232 exclusion reform

Aluminum production

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Just over three years ago, former President Donald Trump used Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to institute tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

However, in addition to quotas and waivers for certain countries, domestic consumers could file for tariff exclusions with the Department of Commerce.

Meanwhile, this week, the Aluminum Association called for reforms to the Section 232 exclusion process.

“Three years after the implementation of the Section 232 tariffs on most aluminum imports into the U.S., it is time to take a fresh look at trade policy to support a robust domestic aluminum industry,” said Tom Dobbins, president and CEO of the Aluminum Association. “The Biden administration and the new Congress have an opportunity to harness the growth potential for aluminum as a sustainable solution for the 21st century, and capitalize on the more than $3 billion of private U.S. aluminum investment over the past decade. The federal government can take action immediately to put American aluminum on an equal footing with overseas competitors.”

Volvo touts record first quarter

Volvo Cars reported its best-ever first quarter for global sales.

Volvo’s sales surged by 40.8% year over year.

“In Europe and the US, the company managed to improve sales compared to the first quarter last year, while managing to cope with the ongoing effects of the pandemic,” the automaker said. “China has by now recovered from the impact of the pandemic, which was peaked in Q1 2020.”

Furthermore, Volvo’s March sales jumped by 62.3% year over year.

Chile’s Codelco seeks arbitration with Ecuador over Llurimagua project

Lastly, Chilean copper giant Codelco said it is seeking arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce with Ecuador.

Codelco said it is seeking compliance regarding agreements signed with the National Mining Company of Ecuador regarding the Llurimagua project. The project sits 80 kilometers from Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

In a release, Codelco said the parties agreed to definitive terms for the partnership in 2019. In addition, Codelco said it hoped the process will make it possible to reach an agreement for the “mutual benefit” of the parties.

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