UK upholds anti-dumping duties for tube and pipe from Belarus, China

The U.K. government has upheld the Trade Remedies Authority’s (TRA) revocation of anti-dumping duties for welded tube and pipe imports from Russia. However, it has upheld them for imports of the same product from Belarus and China.
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Tube and pipe duties

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The TRA made the recommendation to the Secretary of State for International Trade in its final determination of its transition review, which the U.K. government released Aug. 9, following the U.K.’s exit from the European Union in 2020-21.
That document, dated July 9, found that Russian steelmakers did not import into the U.K., meaning that no dumping has occurred.
The import duty thus lapsed from Jan. 30, 2021.
“Replacement of EU trade duty was Dec. 31, 2020. Consequently, the day of the expiry of the measure, and the appropriate date from which the anti-dumping amount will apply (or is revoked) is Jan. 30, 2021,” the TRA said in its recommendation.
Duties on the Russian imports were 10.1-20.5%, depending on the producer.

The government also retained a 38.6% anti-dumping duty against Belarusian welded pipe imports on the basis that imports from that country would cause material injury to the local market and pipe producers.
Welded tube and pipe imports from China remain subject to 90.6% import duty for an additional five years, TRA noted.
The U.K. government also announced Aug. 9 that it has imposed a row of sanctions that include trade measures on potash, petroleum products, interception and monitoring goods and technology, goods used in cigarette manufacturing, and dual-use goods and technology.
The new sanctions come one year after Belarus’ presidential elections, which saw Alexander Lukashenko win a sixth term in office, but which international monitors have claimed were neither free nor fair.
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