Week in Review: Oil stabilizes; copper output slips; steel capacity utilization retraces

Brent crude oil price chart
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The oil price’s stabilization, copper mine production and more — before we head into the weekend, let’s take a look back at the week that was.
This week, Stuart Burns analyzed the oil market, which has seen price stabilization over the last three-plus months.
However, less-than-uniform adherence to OPEC’s previously agreed upon oil output cuts have combined to depress additional upward momentum.
“Elements of game theory have long plagued OPEC’s attempts to control oil prices,” MetalMiner’s Stuart Burns wrote this week.
“The incentive to cheat is huge. The sense by many smaller players that they suffer from output agreements more than the “big boys” breeds a sense of resentment at times.
“That is particularly true among parties that have little else in common other than a desire to maximize oil revenues.”
The Brent crude oil price ticked up Thursday, reaching just under $42 per barrel.
In case you missed them, here were the metals storylines on MetalMiner this week:

Week of Sept. 20-24 (oil price stabilizes, copper mine production and much more)

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