This Morning in Metals: Norsk Hydro to expand capacity at Sjunnen extrusion plant

This morning in metals news: Norsk Hydro plans to expand capacity at its Sjunnen aluminum extrusion plant; the Pilbara Ports Authority reported a decline in throughput in July; and, lastly, the United States International Trade Commission conducted a five-year sunset review on existing duty orders for carbon and alloy steel standard, line and pressure pipe from China.
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Hydro to boost capacity at Sjunnen

Norsk Hydro
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Oslo-based Norsk Hydro announced it plans to increase capacity at its extrusion plant in Sjunnen, Sweden.
The firm said it will finalize the expansion, which comes at a cost of €11.3 million, by the end of 2022.
“The decision to expand the aluminium casthouse operations in Sjunnen comes in response to an increased market demand for low-carbon aluminium profiles across all industries where Hydro Extrusions operates,” Hydro said.
“Furthermore, the location in the south of Sweden is ideal to capture available used aluminium metal from local industries which otherwise would have had to be transported long distances, increasing cost and carbon footprint of the final product.”

Pilbara throughput down in July

Australia’s Pilbara Ports Authority reported July throughput fell by 2% compared with July 2020.
July 2021 throughput reached 59.0 million metric tons.
Meanwhile, at the Port of Port Hedland, throughput totaled 45.0 million metric tons, good for a 2% year-over-year increase. Iron ore accounted for 44.3 million metric tons of that total.

USITC issues sunset review on pipes from China

The USITC recently engaged in a five-year sunset review of existing anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on carbon and alloy standard, line and pressure pipe imports from China.
Ultimately, the USITC determined revoking the orders would “likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time.”
As such, the existing orders will remain in place.
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