This Morning in Metals: Indiana No. 1 once again last year in steel production

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This morning in metals news, Indiana again led the way in U.S. steel production last year, Tesla is in talks to use cobalt-free batteries in its cars made in China and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects U.S. natural gas production will continue to rise over the next 30 years.
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Indiana produces one-fourth of U.S. steel in 2019

Indiana led the way in U.S. steel production last year, producing approximately one-fourth of all U.S. steel, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), as reported by the Northwest Indiana Times.
The state produced 24.7 million tons of steel in 2019, according to AISI’s digital and online manager.

Reuters: Tesla in talks to buy cobalt-free batteries

According to a report by Reuters, electric car maker Tesla is in talks to buy cobalt-free batteries from CATL, which would be used in its cars made in China.
Use of the cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate batteries would mark their first inclusion in Tesla’s lineup, according to the report.

EIA: U.S. natural gas production, exports projected to rise

U.S. natural gas production and exports are expected to continue to rise in the coming decades, the EIA reported today.
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“According to projections published in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook 2020 (AEO2020), total dry natural gas production in the United States will continue to increase until 2050 in most of the AEO2020 cases, primarily to support growing U.S. exports of natural gas to global markets,” the EIA said. “The United States began exporting more natural gas than it imports on an annual basis in 2017, driven by increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, increased pipeline exports to Mexico, and reduced imports from Canada. In most of the AEO2020 cases, net natural gas exports continue to increase through 2050, and most of the increase is in the near term.”

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